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Welcome to the Chair of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Applications

We perform research and teaching in algorithms, ranging from the theoretical analysis of algorithms to their application in practice.

We analyze fundamental optimization problems in areas such as Railway Optimization, Bioinformatics, Robotics, and Algorithmic Game Theory; but we also seek to see this basic research be deployed in practice.

Our group is part of the Center for Algorithms, Discrete Mathematics and Optimization at the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science at ETH Zurich. The group is headed by Prof. Dr. Peter Widmayer.

SOS Seminar

You are very welcome to visit our Seminar on Algorithms, Data Structures, and Applications (SOS).

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Talks are usually given on Mondays, 15:00 h, CAB H 52 or 53

  • 25.05.16, 11:25, CAB H 52, Dan Alistarh: Molecular Computation: An Algorithmic Perspective  [abstract]
  • 23.05.16, 15:15, CAB H 52, Anita Schöbel, Approaches for integrated planning in public transportation  [abstract]
  • 19.05.16, 14:00, CAB H 53, Nicolas Kirchmayr: Mechanism Design without Money: The Kidney Exchange
    Problem [abstract]
  • 02.05.16, 15:15, CAB H 52, Dan Alistarh: Data Structures of the Future: Concurrent, Optimistic, and Relaxed  [abstract]
  • 20.04.16, 11:15, CAB H 52, Przemysław Uznański: Randomized Algorithms for Majority Detection [abstract]
  • 19.04.16, 14:00, CAB H 53, Juhani Karhumäki : On Complexity of K-Abelian Classes [abstract]
  • 11.04.16,15:15, CAB G 56, Martin Fürer: Multi-Clique-Width, a Powerful New Width Parameter [abstract]

Please have a look at former talks.

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