Chair of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Applications at the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science at ETH Zurich.

SOS Seminar


You are very welcome to visit our Seminar on Algorithms, Data Structures, and Applications (SOS).


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Talks are usually given on Mondays, 15:00 h, CAB H 52

  • 22.06.15, 15:00, CAB H 52 - Florian Buenzli: Sparsifiers maintaining structural parts of Clique Minimal Separator Decomposition [abstract]
  • 27.05.15, 14:30, CAB H 52 - Priska Pietra: An XLogo programming environment to steer a wheeled robot.
  • 13.03.15, 16:00, CAB H 52 - Sandro Montanari: Max Shortest Path for Imprecise Points [abstract]
  • 02.03.15, 15:00, CAB H 52 - Christian Kudahl: The Advice Complexity for a Class of Online Problems [abstract]
  • 23.02.15, 15:00, CAB H 52 - Jérémie Chalopin: Data Delivery by Energy-Constrained Mobile Agents on a Line [abstract]
  • 06.01.15, 14:00, HG H 52 - Andreas Feldmann: A (1 + ε)-Embedding of Low Highway Dimension Graphs into Bounded Treewidth Graphs [abstract]
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