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Courses Actual Semester

Number Unit Lecturer
252-0002-AAL Data Structures and Algorithms  P. Widmayer
252-0026-00L Algorithms and Data Structures  P. Widmayer,
M. Püschel
252-0209-00L Algorithms, Probability, and Computing  E. Welzl,
M. Ghaffari,
A. Steger,
P. Widmayer
252-0933-00L Algorithms and Complexity (HS)  P. Widmayer,
J. Hromkovic
252-1407-00L Algorithmic Game Theory  P. Widmayer,
P. Penna
263-0006-00L Algorithms Lab  A. Steger,
E. Welzl,
P. Widmayer
263-4311-00L Seminar on Molecular Algorithms  P. Widmayer
263-5001-00L Introduction to Finite Elements and Sparse Linear System Solving  P. Arbenz
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