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Universitätstrasse  6
ETH Zentrum, CAB (PDF, 908 KB)
Level H, Office 37.2
8092 Zürich

Arrival at the airport (Zurich Kloten)

After reclaiming baggage, follow the railway station signs "Bahn/Railway" to ticket counters and machines. Follow the English instructions or simply press the left (red) key at the bottom "Zurich City". The machine accepts coins as well as banknotes and gives change. The ticket is valid during the next 2 hours for any train to Zurich as well as for the trams and buses in the city (streetcar, Strassenbahn). Take the escalator down to the platforms 3 or 4. Trains to city centre leave every 10 minutes and take about 10 minutes to reach main train station Zurich HB.

From Zurich airport, tram stop “Zürich Flughafen Bahnhof”:Tram no. 10 (direction “Bahnhofplatz/HB”) to tram stop “ETH/Universitätsspital”. The tram operates daily from 6 am to 11 pm with trams departing every 7 to 15 minutes. *Journey time: 30 minutes

If you plan to stay the whole day, a day ticket (valid 24 hours) is advisable.

Arrival at Zurich main station

At the main train station walk into the direction of the head of the train and follow any signs to "Bahnhofstrasse". Once outside the station walk about 50 meters up the road to the tram stop on the left-hand side. If you arrive by train and haven't yet got a tram ticket, you must now buy one from the blue ticket machine. Depending on your needs, you can buy a day ticket which is valid for 24 hours for all trams and buses in the main zone (no. 10) of the city or, if all you need is to reach the  centre, press the yellow button.

From main station

In six minutes with tram no. 6 (direction Zoo) from main station (Bahnhofstrasse) or with tram no. 10 (direction Seebach) from main station (Bahnhofplatz) to the stop ETH/Universitätsspital (the 3rd stop).

The building CAB is about 50 meters up hill on the right side - the building with the red bricks.

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